Looking for a better sitting experience or office chair?

There are lots of people with physical complaints during sitting. For example after a medical procedure or chronic disability a lot of them experience difficulties during their sitting work hours. Some of them are close to be not able to keep doing there sitting work and are close to have to stop doing there job. Beside this, the amount of sitting hours at the office is still rising. Lots of people would like to have a guaranteed good purchase of the best office chair or sitting solution.

We, as a company are offering a guaranteed better sitting experience at the office! We do this by offering a office chair custom made if necessary. Our clients have the ability to test the product for one week for free. So its not because I say its the best solution or because I custom made the chair. Its because they feel themselves and they know for sure they made the right choice.

We are here to help you,

Kind regards,
Marc Berrevoets
Specialised Physiotherapist,
Founder of Berrevoets, ergonomische zitoplossingen(ergonomic sit solutions).

In this video there some great basics about sitting at the office. The company behind this video is Varier, Norway. For Varier Norway we are an official advise point at Capelle a/d IJssel. We are pleased to invite you,

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